Business owners are recognizing that no matter how talented and experienced they are, today's world of business is far too complex to master single-handedly. Gone are the days of doing everything yourself. Maybe it's time you asked for help?

Quantum Identity Group can help.

Quantum Identity Group offers clients a wide selection of marketing communications packages specifically designed for today's start-ups, early stage organizations and established small businesses seeking accelerated growth strategies, at competitive rates.

Our clients may benefit from the complete suite of our services:

Quantum STRATEGY! Business Development Suite

Quantum IDENTITY! Brand Identity Suite

Quantum INTERACTIVE! Website Design Suite

Or, choose the individual offerings that best fit their needs:

Quantum INSIGHT! Visual Identity Assessment (free!)

Quantum LOGO! Custom Logo Design

Quantum PREMIER! Corporate Identity Design

Quantum MAVEN! Media/Marketing Kit

Quantum FOCUS! Marketing Collateral System

Quantum PEER! Brand Audit/Assessment

Quantum DIRECTOR! Visual Identity Standards

Quantum INTUIT! Strategy Analysis Brief

Quantum 360! Strategy Analysis Report

Quantum EXACT! Deepnet Market Intelligence

Quantum PRIME! Tactical Business Brief

Quantum COMPLETE! Strategic Marketing Plan

Quantum TOTAL! Strategic Business Plan

Quantum WRITE! Copywriting/Copy Editing Services

Quantum CONTENT! Content/Technical Writing Services

Quantum LEAP! Corporate Communications Services

Quantum ADEPT! Crisis Communications Plan

Quantum PRESS! Press Release Creation

Quantum EXPERT! Whitepaper Lead Generation System

Quantum EXCEED! Custom Website Design/Development

Quantum DEBUT! Planning, Launch and Execution Services

Quantum LEADER! Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Quantum MARCOM! Outsourced/Virtual Marketing Department

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To learn more about Quantum Identity Group, call us toll-free at 1-800-823-6243, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM (CST), or

email us. (All information disclosed will remain in the strictest confidence.)

While focus and consistency are essential requirements to building a successful brand—driving growth, increasing sales and assisting in attracting and retaining customers—an organization that pays no heed to the importance of branding risks sabotaging its own best efforts. QIG can help. Start a project

Strategy Analysis Brief

Strategy Analysis Report

Deepnet Market Intelligence

Tactical Business Brief

Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Business Plan

Custom Logo Design

Corporate Identity Design

Media/Marketing Kit

Marketing Collateral System

Brand Audit/Assessment

Visual Identity Standards

Copywriting/Editing Services

Content/Technical Writing

Corporate Communications

Crisis Communications

Press Release Creation

Whitepaper Lead Generation

Custom Website Design/Development

Planning, Launch and Execution Services

Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Outsourced/Virtual Marketing Department

Social Media

Online Portfolio

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