Success in business hinges on meeting client needs. You can develop an innovative product, but if you cannot package, present or promote it as an essential need or want—people will not buy it, and eventually your enterprise will fail.

At Quantum Identity Group, our comprehensive planning approach addresses this and other critical issues by thoroughly examining your ideas (before you make a major commitment) to determine if your concept has merit, profitability and long-term market potential.

And unlike traditional plan preparation methods, we dismiss the notion of using customizable templates that can be used repeatedly for any business idea simply by filling in a few blanks lines. Instead, our approach to developing a world-class strategic plan—whether it be a business plan, marketing plan or communications plan—relies heavily on the active involvement of our clients; including participation in high-level strategy meetings, Q&A sessions, and assumption building exercises.

In addition, we ensure that at every stage of the process your business plan, marketing plan or communications plan accurately represents the strategies discussed and agreed on. The result: A well-conceived and well-presented plan. The entire process is highly interactive.

A strategic plan is a company’s most critical business document. No company can expect to successfully accomplish its goals or to secure funding without a well-organized and expertly written plan. Besides, why should anyone trust that you know what you are doing if you cannot articulate your ideas in writing?

Savvy entrepreneurs everywhere are turning to Quantum Identity Group for a proven way to plan successful business ventures.

Suite Benefits

A la carte menu of communications and business development services

Make critical business decisions that focus activities for maximum results

Understand the core aspects of your company

Anticipate obstacles your enterprise is likely to encounter

Expand in new, profitable directions

Be more persuasive with funding sources

Improve clients' opinions of your products or services
Enhance your overall business image
Distinguish your company from its competitors
Establish a unique brand in a crowded marketplace
Create an impression of credibility and professionalism

Suite Services

Quantum INTUIT! Strategy Analysis Brief

Quantum 360! Strategy Analysis Report

Quantum EXACT! Deepnet Market Intelligence

Quantum PRIME! Tactical Business Brief

Quantum COMPLETE! Strategic Marketing Plan

Quantum TOTAL! Strategic Business Plan

Quantum WRITE! Copywriting/Copy Editing Services

Quantum CONTENT! Content/Technical Writing Services

Quantum LEAP! Corporate Communications Services

Quantum ADEPT! Crisis Communications Plan

Quantum PRESS! Press Release Creation

Quantum EXPERT! Whitepaper Lead Generation System

Quantum DEBUT! Planning, Launch and Execution Services

Quantum LEADER! Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Quantum MARCOM! Outsourced/Virtual Marketing Department

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A successful image can be a company's most powerful marketing tool. But when companies do not actively manage their visual identity, it sends a mixed, confusing signal to their target market. The unfortunate consequence—customers are uneasy, mind share is endangered, and revenue is at stake. QIG can help. Start a project

Strategy Analysis Brief

Strategy Analysis Report

Deepnet Market Intelligence

Tactical Business Brief

Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Business Plan

Custom Logo Design

Corporate Identity Design

Media/Marketing Kit

Marketing Collateral System

Brand Audit/Assessment

Visual Identity Standards

Copywriting/Editing Services

Content/Technical Writing

Corporate Communications

Crisis Communications

Press Release Creation

Whitepaper Lead Generation

Custom Website Design/Development

Planning, Launch and Execution Services

Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Outsourced/Virtual Marketing Department

Social Media

Online Portfolio

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