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Every company needs a strategic plan to guide its operations. Although many companies consider completing a business plan themselves, they find that they are often too close to the company to explain it in any real, objective sense — especially one that outside investors can understand.
In today's competitive and rapidly changing economy, investors expect a higher-level of expertise in the preparation of any business-planning document. When examining a proposal, they want to see much more than a good idea and a clever pitch — they want to see a business concept meticulously assessed. One in which the founder has carefully thought through the issues necessary to take the idea and fashion it into a profitable company.

At Quantum Identity Group, our comprehensive planning approach addresses this and other critical issues by thoroughly examining your ideas — before you make a major commitment — to determine if your concept has merit, profitability, and long-term market potential. 

And unlike traditional plan preparation methods, we dismiss the notion of using customizable templates that can be used repeatedly for any business idea simply by filling in a few blank lines. Instead, our approach to developing a world-class strategic plan — whether it be a business plan, marketing plan or communications plan — relies heavily on the active involvement of our clients; including participation in high-level strategy meetings, Q&A sessions, and assumption building exercises.

In addition, we ensure that at every stage of the process your business plan, marketing plan or communications plan accurately represents the strategies discussed and agreed on. The result: A well-conceived and well-presented plan. The entire process is highly interactive.

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Business x Marketing Plans

Expert Observations
Concept Validation
Scenario Assumptions
AI Strategy Analytics
Evaluation Charts
Financial Projections
Lender Format

Suite Features x Benefits

+ A la carte enterprise development
+ Impartial, third-party validation
+ Make decisions for maximum results
+ Understand core aspects of operation
+ Anticipate future obstacles
+ Expand in new, profitable directions
+ More persuasive with funding sources 

Deepnet Market Intelligence

Market Research
Trend Intelligence
Competitor Intelligence
Product Intelligence
Market Understanding
Customer Understanding

Launch x Execution Services

Launch Timeline
Project Management
Marketing Strategy
Communications Plan 
Media Relations Strategy

Funding Strategies

Pitchdeck Development
Pitch Coaching
Investor Matching
Peer-to-Peer Lending
Incubators / Accelerators


A strategic plan is a company’s most critical business document.

No company can expect to successfully accomplish its goals or to secure funding without a well-organized and expertly written plan. Quantum Identity Group can help. We specialize in providing custom business development solutions while giving you a real level of personal attention others reserve for their largest clients.

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"No company can expect to successfully accomplish its goals or to secure funding without a well-organized and expertly written plan."



Quantum IDG offers a proven way to plan successful business ventures.

Need help growing an existing enterprise? Trying to raise capital for a new business venture? Quantum Identity Group can help. For more than 15 years, we have provided custom business development solutions to hundreds of clients.  Learn why savvy entrepreneurs everywhere are turning to Quantum Identity Group for a proven way to plan successful business ventures.

Product Family

+ Deepnet Market Intelligence
+ 360 Strategy Analysis Brief
+ 1080 Strategy Analysis Report
+ Tactical Business Brief
+ Tactical Marketing Plan
+ Strategic Business Plan (Investor Grade)
+ Copywriting / Copy Editing 
+ Content / Technical Writing 
+ Corporate Communications 
+ Crisis Communications Plan
+ Public Relations Strategy
+ Content Lead Generation
+ Planning, Launch and Execution
+ Outstaffed Marketing C-Suite
+ Outsourced Virtual Marketing Team / Department



Affordable, full-cycle product, image, and strategy development.



Brand development for ideas, personalities, and industries.



Growth strategies for mindshare, market share, and market mastery.

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